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SmartCUBE - a smart business for graphic design & print professionals
Are you a graphic design or print professional? Built your own SmartCUBE business.
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We studied the efficiency of the advertising products. We searched for the ideal promotional product. We tested it in the advertising market. Now, we are able to offer it to you!

SmartCUBE is a Smart Business

SmartCUBE is an efficient advertising solution for your clients. For you, it is a great business opportunity. Therefore, include the SmartCUBE into your portfolio.
Start a SmartCUBE business!

All consumers of promotional products pay attention to the utility of the items intended to promote their image. They will always choose cheap, practical products, which provide maximum visual impact.

SmartCUBE is an inspired combination of all these attributes... and more.
Are you a graphic design
Start your own SmartCUBE Business!
or print professional?
A great business opportunity for graphic design and print professionals. A market with huge potential, which includes almost any activity A 3-in-1 product: Stationery Product,  Business Gift,  Promotional Product Complete personalization An eye-catching advertising product, with maximum visual impact Thousands possibilities of express designing Suitable for on-line sale Build your own SmartCUBE business!
SmartCUBE is a 3-in-1 product: Stationery Product / Business Gift / Promotional Product;

It is an office stationery product, indispensable to the proper accomplishment of administrative and office activities;

It is a stationery always laying on the desk, always at hand;

It allows complete personalization;

Each SmartCUBE is as efficient as 500 business cards and costs as much as 20;

The shape, volume and creative design of SmartCUBE assure the maximum visual impact;

It measures the ideal size for business gifts;

It is ergonomic and easy to use;

It is environmentally friendly, being entirely made by paper.
Bussiness Essentials Pack

This is all you need to develope a successful SmartCUBE business.

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